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Our Services and Solutions.

We are (digital) Nomads, we code. We digitize and transform businesses through strategy, design and development of custom made IT solutions.

We code.

We Code

Are you looking for that one specific business process that you need automated but there is nothing of the shelf? Maybe you are seeking this one integration solution that you can not find? We will take in your unique requirements and create it specifically for you using the best code available. It will be maintainable, set for your specific needs and foolproof. We are Nomads and we code everything

ERP Consulting

NOMADS has an extensive track-record of providing ERP Consultancy to a broad range of clients ranging from Large Enterprise to Small and Medium Sized business who are implementing, or thinking of implementing, an ERP System. We are not product/software oriented and will deliver the right consultancy whether it is a major Tier-1 such as Microsoft D365, Oracle or SAP, but also on smaller ERP Solutions such as UniConta.

Contract Negotiations

Contract negotiations in ERP land can be tricky and just so you know: there are many, many, escapes a Vendor will put in their contract to ensure they have a well set position. We have seen them all and will adjust your contract so that YOU have a set position

CapEx / OpEx

A ERP investment is normally a BIG investment and we can imagine your Finance staff and auditors will have a good look! We together will setup a good fit between CAPEX and OPEX Costs that will save you money in the bottom line throughout the entirety of the project